Animal Activities

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Cheer on your favourite Woolly Jumper

Join in the animal fun!

Have you heard about our famous colourful ‘woolly jumpers’ who compete in our ‘Lamb National’? Our crazy brightly dyed sheep flock to the race course from May to September in dry weather. Join in the fun and cheer on your favourite!

You might also catch our Hilly Billy Goat Races where the cheeky goats take on the steeplechase. Who do you think would win if the Goats competed against the Sheep? You might just get the chance to find out!

You can also see ‘Vera’, ‘Maureen’, ‘Ethel’ and ‘Gertrude’ in the ‘Chicken Run’.

lamb bottle feeding web

Every day our visitors can bottle feed our orphan lambs milk in the Animal Barn and you can join in Animal Antic sessions which might include petting the small animals or grooming the goats.

Uniquely in Essex, we have both a Reptile House where you can join the knowledgeable Snakes Alive staff for interactive sessions, and Birds of Prey where the Imperial Bird of Prey Academy invite you meet the birds, or see them in action in flying displays.

See our full timetable of activities here.