Imperial Bird of Prey Academy

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Flying displays and bird encounters

The number one bird of prey centre in Essex

Barleylands is home to the wonderful Imperial Bird of Prey Academy, with its amazing collection of kestrels, owls and vultures, and its team of handlers, who are passionate and knowledgeable about the birds they love.  This ancient sport of kings and these beautiful birds are now accessible to all the family, every day at Barleylands to add to your fun day out on the farm.

Take a walk on the wild side and come face to face with these regal birds at rest, in their aviaries or weathering ground or enjoy their marvellous flying display.  As the birds swoop around and circle the display lawn, the show features a selection of different birds, that may include barn owls, eagle owls, or tawny owls; Harris’s hawks, kestrels or merlins; saker, lanner or peregrine falcons; frogmouths, hooded or turkey vultures.

After the show, the team are always ready and willing to show the birds on their handling glove and answer questions, as you see these magnificent creatures close-up and personal.  The shows also give you exciting chance to photograph these fantastic animals at close proximity, often hard to see in the wild.

With other seasonal events and the Academy’s own website offering experience days for children, beginners, photographers and specialist events as well, it’s no wonder it’s the number one bird of prey centre in Essex, making it part of our great family day out.


For further information about the birds and the Special Experience Days and Birds of Prey photographic workshops please visit the Imperial Bird of Prey Website 

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