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Outreach Programme

Let us bring our award winning education programme to you!

Did you know the Barleylands Education Team are happy to hit the road and bring our award winning education programme to you?

We offer a variety of workshops linked to the curriculum and tailored to suit your individual needs. From a short assembly to a whole day, the choice is yours.

Our friendly, experienced staff will bring their knowledge and enthusiasm to your classroom. Our assemblies and workshops will link to Science, Geography, History, Maths and PSHCE.

These visits are tailor made. Give us your timetable and we will submit a plan and cost for discussion.

We offer:

  • Breakfast assemblies
  • Cookery workshops (linked to all areas of the curriculum)
  • Gingerbread man Day workshop (links to literacy and geography)
  • Healthy Lunchbox days (choose with or without cooking)
  • Please contact Karen Watson on 07545 861189 or email karen@barleylands.co.uk
  • Harvest Assemblies

    The history of the Harvest Festival and how our food is grown and harvested.

  • The Grain Chain

    Aimed at teaching children how their food is grown and its journey to their table. We will bring a variety of seeds and their end products. Children will touch and grind seeds, make some seed art and can add ‘cooking bread from scratch’ to the workshop.

  • Did you have breakfast today?

    Based on the eat well guide, this is aimed at teaching children about the benefits of starting the day with breakfast and how easy it is to make ‘breakfast in a glass’. We will make a healthy smoothie using fruit, milk, yoghurt, honey and oats for the children to sample. This can be linked to your Harvest Festival Assembly.

  • What's in your basket?

    Based on the eat well guide, we offer a fun workshop where children will create a ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ lunchbox and learn the importance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. At certain times of the year we can also plant potatoes with your school, discover the history behind the Great British Spud and even add a cookery workshop.

  • Cookery Workshops

    Based on the eat well guide, find out the journey of your food before it reaches the supermarket and find out how easy and fun it is to create simple meals and snacks from scratch with the reasons for and benefits of a healthy diet. This can be anything from a healthy pizza to seasonal soup and bread.