We have rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and a wide range of poultry and a bird aviary. Come and find out more about them from our friendly team.

Our rabbits

Rabbits have always been a popular animal at Barleylands and it’s easy to see why; they are cute, fluffy and come in a multitude of colours. We have a beautiful array of bunnies including lionheads, albino, harlequins and Dutch.

As one of the nation’s favourite pets, rabbits need much more than a hutch. We’re here to help showcase these lovely animals and teach how to make a bunnies life as rich as possible. You’ll find our rabbits in the animal barn or nibbling grass in their outside runs.

Keep an eye on our timetable for your chance to meet, pet and feed our rabbits.

Our guinea pigs

As a popular pet, no small animal area would be complete without a few guinea pigs. These are not actually pigs, but rodents, and they spend their days eating hay, chirruping and squeaking at one another and seeking out crunchy vegetables to keep their teeth trimmed.

At Barleylands, our guinea pigs live in a bachelor group and love to come over to the fence, especially if there’s a treat for them. They are very inquisitive creatures so make sure you stop by to say hi.

Keep an eye on our timetable for your chance to meet and feed our guinea pigs.

Our mice

Mice have become fun pets to keep over the years, and once you’ve got to know a mouse, you realise they’re a lot more intelligent than you might have first believed. Inside our fireplace-themed enclosure you’ll discover our colony of mice climbing up rope, scurrying over the hearth and building nests of wool and string.

Mice only live for around three years which might sound short, but they get up to a lot in that time! They also come in a variety of lovely colours, from brown and white to honey coloured and white. Have a look in our habitat and see how many you can find.

Our poultry corner

At Barleylands were have an exciting array of poultry, from chickens that lay green eggs, to African guinea fowl and exotically feathered pheasants.

Out on the pond you will find our ducks and rare breed Embden geese. These geese can live upwards of twenty years and mate for life. Elsewhere, the quintessential crow of our friendly cockerels can be heard, whilst down in poultry corner you’ll discover the strange looking guinea fowl; one of the oldest known land-based birds in the world.

Keep an eye on our yearly events for chicken talks, spring hatchery, chick handling and meeting the ducklings.

Our bird aviary

One of the most serene places at Barleylands is our vast walk-through bird aviary. Inside you’ll discover some of the most popular pet birds but in a more natural setting. Canaries flit amongst the bushes, whilst diamond doves dance on the gravel path. Sometimes there is only the whir of a Java finch’s wing to be heard, whilst the zebra-finches’ song is bright and bubbly.

Amongst the foliage, our birds are allowed to nest and rear their young, so you might even be lucky enough to spot babies being fed or even hopping over the grass. Pick up one of our charts and spend a little time bird-watching. How many can you find?