Beehive Experience with The Natural Hive

Beehive Experience with The Natural Hive

Small groups and schools with up to 20 children can book a Beehive Experience lasting 1 hour.

Visit one of the Natural Hive Apiary’s, learn the workings of the hive, the difference between workers, drones and the queen, and how bees turn nectar into wonderful honey.  (You might even get to taste some)!

You will find out some fascinating facts, including the name of the special dance bees do to tell fellow bees how far and which direction food is from their hive!

This is a truly special experience for children (and accompanying adults), facilitated by the Natural Hive situated within the Farm Park.

You will also need to book your group rate tickets to the farm for the day of your experience via [email protected]


A one hour experience is £40.00 excluding vat.

(Educational establishments can claim back the VAT.)

You will be sent a confirmation email from our education department and an invoice from our accounts department.

Terms and Conditions
Barleylands reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any booked experiences for reasons such as severe weather, staff shortages and animal welfare reasons.  We will however endeavour to provide as much notice as possible, but please be aware, we are a working farm and cancellations may occur.
You will be given a scheduled time to “Meet the Beekeeper”  Please make sure you are on time.  If you do not arrive for a booked experience more than 10 minutes after your pre booked start time Barleylands reserves the right to cancel your experience.
The cost of your experience is in addition to the group price or normal gate price, but you of course have the whole day to explore the farm and our indoor and outdoor activities.
To make your booking or for more information, please email [email protected]