New Year Resolutions


There’s a wonderful sense of RESOLVE blowing around the Farm Park this week! All of our animals seem to have a glint of purpose and determination in their eye. Apparently, they have all now decided on their New Year Resolutions.

Meanwhile, Bobby the donkey and his best friend Freddie, the Welsh pony, are resolved to continue with their wonderful friendship but to be more inclusive of other animals too. Since inclusivity is now widely accepted as a positive resolution for everyone, Bobby and Freddie are determined to be fully immersed in it and they can only apologise for being overly insular in the past.

Renowned for making and breaking their resolutions within the first two days of the New Year are the goats. Well, let’s be honest, most of us can relate to THAT feeling. But let’s see how they perform with this year’s plan; no more head butting of smaller goats during feeding sessions. Hmm…we’ll believe it when we see it.

The word is out that the sheep have been falling over themselves to make a resolution. Unfortunately, this consisted mainly of one sheep having an idea and all of the others repeating it incessantly. This continued for several hours until eventually they went back to eating and chewing and thinking. We feel, therefore, that they are safely resolved to continue playing ‘follow the leader’ for 2023.

Our small animals are, undoubtedly, the most imaginative when it comes to New Year resolutions. They are all quick-thinkers, fast on their feet and love a challenge. The rabbits are resolved to maintain a higher-than-usual level of grooming in this, their special year. 2023 is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit and they are determined not to let the side down. The guinea pigs are resolved to raise their level of pro-creation so that guarantees a fun-filled year for THEM.

In Poultry Corner, the feathers have unfurled as a decision has been taken to avoid unnecessary panic on hearing the words ‘Christmas’, ‘Thanksgiving’, ‘succulent’ or ‘stuffing’. Their resolution is to reduce their levels of mental stress in 2023. And in the Aviary, the birds are resolved to stop their weekly performance of ‘The Great Escape’ and simply enjoy the peace and safety of their wonderful home.

We did ask the cattle to comment but they lowed in a disdainful way went back to munching the grass. They seem resolved not to take part in any silly nonsense.

Whatever YOUR resolutions are for 2023, we hope they include plenty of time spent at Barleylands with our lovely animals! Book your tickets here