Anya the eagle joins the feathered friend club at Barleylands

Barleylands are pleased to announce the arrival of Anya, the steppe eagle.

Taking pride of place in the farm park’s Imperial Bird of Prey Academy, based in the heart of Barleylands – Anya will be entertaining our visitors as well as assisting with wedding proposals and more!

The steppe eagle is a large bird of prey, belonging to the aquila, or eagle, family. In the wild, as its name suggests, it is found living in steppe habitats, or dry grasslands, across Eastern Europe. They are fast for their size, reaching flying speeds of up to 37mph, and speeds of up to 186mph when diving.

Providing a fun, engaging and memorable insight into birds of prey and owls, The Imperial Bird of Prey Academy is an extremely popular attraction at the Farm Park. Whether visitors are interested in owls, hawks, falcons or vultures, the knowledgeable team are always on hand to share their passion and get everyone as excited as they are about these magnificent birds.

Birds of Prey owner and Director Faith Scott said: “We’re delighted that Anya the steppe eagle is joining our ever growing birds of prey repertoire. She has already been turning heads and we are looking forward to incorporating her into life at the centre. Steppe eagles are an endangered species so we are extremely grateful she is residing here at Barleylands.”

Visitors can see Anya take to the skies at Barleylands’ Animal Lovers summer event. In fact, she will be the animal of the week at the Farm Park from Monday 20th – Friday 24th August.

With more animal encounters and activities than ever, it’s the perfect place to get up close and personal to a wide range of animals this summer.