Barleylands Football Golf

Football Golf opening soon at Barleylands!

We are proud to be launching the newest and best ‘Football-Golf’ course in the UK.

We will have two different adventure courses, Lakeview and Rally Field. The Lakeview course is slightly shorter and ideal for our younger customers. The Rally Field is for those up for a challenge and for a party of 5, it takes approximately 1 ½ hours to complete. Both courses have 18 holes, and will keep both adults and children busy!

What is Football-Golf?

Football-Golf is like golf however, instead of using a golf club and ball you use a football. The winner is the person who can complete the course in the least number of kicks. We will provide you with a football, a scoresheet and pencil.

Rally Field – Ideal for practicing your long kicks.

Lakeview – Ideal for practicing your short kicks and around obstacles to get past.

Tickets will soon be on sale and will be available directly from Barleylands. For now, please keep an eye on our social media page on Facebook.

Work in progress photos