Barleylands plays its part for National Healthy Eating Week

Barleylands has welcomed 786 children to the Farm Park this week to celebrate National Healthy Eating Week and to learn about food production and healthy eating.

The Farm Park’s award-winning education team have provided fun and educational activities for the children, including hands on cooking experience for every child visiting.   The children have learnt how their food is produced, explored food choices and the benefits of a healthy balanced diet.  Children have cooked healthy pizzas, herby bread rolls and a layered rainbow salad.

Said Education Officer Karen Watson:  “We’ve been delighted to be joining in with Healthy Eating Week, providing pupils with the opportunity to have fun and learn valuable lessons about food and nutrition.  We aim to play an important part in helping to shape pupil health and wellbeing – and being part of Healthy Eating Week has contributed to this.”

“We’re proud to be a family-run farm and believe in providing the best possible educational opportunities for young people.  Our activities cater for all learners from Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage 4.”

Four million young people have participated in the week nationwide, which aims to promote healthy eating, cooking, being active and awareness of where food comes from, to pupils of all ages.

You can find out more about education at Barleylands by emailing [email protected].  Alternatively visit our website.