Birdsong and Aerobics

Get to know the birds in our Aviary…

If there’s one thing we love here at Barleylands, it’s the noise of excited children visiting our animals and exploring the Farm Park. But there’s one corner where we encourage tip-toeing,  hispering and gentle movement and that is our Aviary.

We always explain to visiting children the importance of the double-door system! On entry and exit, checking each time that our little feathered friends are not trying to escape with us. And don’t panic if you DO see one making a bid for freedom; they always return when their friends call to them and when they’re feeling hungry!

Older children can use our guide sheet to identify a range of birds download here, while younger children might choose one bird on each visit and count how many they can spot. The golden rule for children is this: if they hear you coming, you won’t see any of them!

Amongst the foliage, our birds are allowed to nest and rear their young. So you might even be lucky enough to spot babies being fed or hopping over the grass. Last week, we were delighted to find two baby doves stretching their wings in their new home and clamouring for food.

New Arrivals

We have recently taken in a large number of birds who needed rehoming. The Java finch thrives best in a flock setting, so we were delighted to take in thirteen to join our existing group. Quiet and a little on the timid side, the Java sings a soothing chip-chip-chip song.

Three new Diamond Doves have joined the Aviary group. Native to Australia, these little birds are to  o fragile to cope with much handling and they produce a gentle and soothing coo. They have grey bodies and their darker wings appear to be sparkled with ‘diamonds.’ If only….

Our canaries are always irresistible and we have four new additions to the rainbow band. Watch out for Roller canaries and Mosaic canaries and, if they are singing, you’ll know they are male. With theirbright colours, our canaries are probably the easiest choice for spotting and counting. They are also less timid than some of the other breeds and quiet visitors can enjoy getting up close to them!

All of our birds enjoy the spaciousness of the Aviary. You can see them enjoying there new found freedom here! We always ensure that they have a stimulating, as well as peaceful, environment. So, please do pay them regular visits and they will reward you with birdsong and amazing aerobics!

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