Colchester Grammar School commends Farm Park education days

Secondary school children enjoyed a day on the farm as part of their educational curriculum.

The Barleylands’ education team welcomed 160 Year 7 students from Colchester County High School over four consecutive visits, where they took part in a cookery workshop and hands-on activities learning about food production, types of food and food and nutrition.  The break out days were a huge success and the Education Team will welcome the school’s year 8’s in March.

Mr Turner, teacher at Colchester County High said: “The education day was fantastic.  The course was tailored to our needs and the knowledge shown by the staff was extraordinary. We were so impressed we will be visiting with our year 8 students. The students loved feeding and petting the animals but it was pleasing to hear the staff reminding them that these animals were representative of a commercial industry to produce meat, wool, milk etc.  This was done in a very sensitive manner which the students understood. Staff members were friendly, approachable, patientand helpful.  They were able to pass on so much information/skill in a way very different to the normal classroom manner. ”

Karen Watson, educational officer at Barleylands said: “We’re so pleased Colchester County High enjoyed their visit. Our educational visits can be tailored to suit all ages’ from nurseries and primary schools to students in secondary education. We are looking forward to a busy 2018 with lots of new and returning schools making their way to Barleylands.”