Dear Santa…



Several letters to Santa have been found blowing around Barleylands this week and staff have been  carefully gathering them up for safe postage. But we wondered if you can guess which of our hopeful animals might have written them? Can you match the animal to his or her letter?

‘Dear Father Christmas…I just wanted to offer my services to you over the Christmas period (I’m faster than any reindeer) and I would be so happy if you could bring me some ladders and some binoculars. I just love to climb and explore and these would be very useful.’


‘Dear Santa…as you know, we all do a lot of snorting and snoring and our pen can be a little whiffy at times. So I wondered if you could bring me some ear plugs to wear when I’m sleeping and some really cool aftershave to make me smell fantastic. Many thanks!’


‘Dear Santa… I’ve got the moooooooves and all I need is the music! Would you please bring me some headphones for Christmas? I’ve been VERY good and I’ve kept the grass nice and short. Thank you, Santa!’


‘Dear Father Christmas…I would love to have the most enormous carrot you can fit in your sleigh! Oh and some lettuce and perhaps a bag of apples too! I have been VERY good and I have kept my ears clean (even though they are long and floppy). Thank you!’


‘Dear Santa…there’s a lot of talk about Bird Flu at the moment. It’s the same every year! So could you bring me some face masks, a few boxes of Lemsip and a large bottle of cough medicine so that I am prepared. Christmas can be a very stressful time for birds!’


‘Dear Santa…I don’t want anything woolly for Christmas as I would be offended. I’d prefer some nice edible things please. And don’t bring anything for the goats because they have misbehaved all year long. Thank you very much.’



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