Family Fun ALL the way round the Luminarium

Christmas is a time for families but finding activities that will keep all the generations happy can be tricky! This year, at Barleylands, we think we can make ALL your wishes come true! Top of the list must surely be this year’s Luminarium. It is truly a feast of festive fun, with sparkling tunnels of light to explore and Christmas music to raise your spirits as you wander. Young or old,
everyone will enjoy discovering secrets and surprises along the way and the route is almost entirely buggy and wheelchair friendly with plenty of staff on hand to help if needed.

As a guide, allow for at least an hour to get round the Luminarium route and be sure to wrap up warm and cosy for full enjoyment! The route winds all over the Farm Park, taking you to the furthest corners and bringing you back to the familiar Kiosk Entry. During your walk be sure not miss…
…the chance to buy some animal food at the Entrance: you never know who might have the nighttime munchies!
…the spectacular dinosaurs who have so far been extremely well-behaved and peaceful.
…the ‘Make a Wish’ wall which is a beautiful spot to stop for a few minutes of quiet reflection before you tie your wish to the growing display.
…our Animal Barn at night time: it’s as close to the stable in Bethlehem as you will find!
…the beautiful Wildlife Walk: you simply won’t BELIEVE the surprises hidden here and please DO NOTlet your children miss the fairies!
….the Lumination Maze: it’s harder than you think to find your way out again.
….the essential hot drinks and tummy fillers! Plenty of choice as you go round. Meanwhile, younger visitors can enjoy pelting each other in our popular Ball Blaster Barn.
….the interactive display areas: swing the lights, jump on the activation pads or peddle like mad to light up the Christmas tree. And don’t forget that the Play Barn will also be open!

So as you can see, there is PLENTY of fun to be had at the Luminarium and you can book your tickets HERE. So come along and make some magical memories!