Flock to Barleylands – It’s the opening of the new bird aviary

Barleylands’ brand new free-flight bird aviary will open its doors at Barleylands Farm Park this summer.

The new attraction will become home to an array of beautiful birds including finches and canaries, golden song sparrows and diamond doves, and will offer visitors an immersive walk where they can enjoy bird spotting in a calm and relaxing environment.  Other species to watch and see include diamond firetail finches, star finches, bichino Finches (owl finch), zebra finches and java sparrows.

The new 80m long polytunnel is the first of its kind in the UK to use horticultural techniques to stabilise the climate, an innovative technique previously used to protect plants.  Built using specialist materials, it regulates the temperature and allows its feathery occupants to fly freely without fear of invasion from other birds.

Farmer Dave Finkle designed the new walk through aviary, which opens in time for the start of Barleylands’ Six Weeks of Summer.  He said:  “We’ve created a naturalistic environment for visitors of all ages to walk through, spend time watching and learning about the birds.  We’ve replicated the birds’ natural habitat so it offers a fantastic insight – it’s a must see for anyone coming to the Farm Park.

“There will be talks in the new aviary too so visitors can learn more about the birds and feed them.”