Gertie is a Mummy!

The birth of 9 adorable piglets…

There has been much excitement at Barleylands this week, with proud Mum Gertie, a Gloucester Old Spot giving birth to a litter of 9 adorable piglets. The father Big Frank (a Berkshire) is a regular at the farm and a bit of a character.

Frank belongs to a local farm but is loaned to Barleylands on occasions so he can get to know our Sow’s.


This is Gertie’s first litter so she’s is a great first time mum, both Mummy and babies are all doing well.

“We are all very proud of Gertie” Said Farm Park Manager Dave Finkle. “And these piglets are a great addition to the Barleylands Farm”

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As well as these cute little piggy’s, there are farmyard friends galore, a huge array of reptiles, birds of prey, animal activities including daily bottle feeding, stacks of outdoor adventures, tractor & trailer rides and even indoor play all to be enjoyed. Click here for more info.