Help! Find and report the Village Elves!


It’s a frantic time of year for all of us and business owners throughout The Village have reported that mischievous elves are getting up to all sorts! We need people (ideally under 4’ 2”in height) to locate each elf as quickly as possible and notify ‘Just For You, By Sue’ the shop owner when you have done so. There are some key characters on the Wanted list: these are the elves who have years of experience and are no doubt playing a major hand in organising the entire outfit. So look out especially for…

Naughty Nigel: last seen in The Bon Bon Jar, he is well known for playing with the shop door locks and switching off the till every five minutes. He has also been known to swing from the lights and land on customers’ heads.

Silly Steve: the practical joker. Regularly spotted in Melted by Macy, his favourite joke is blowing out the candles but he is the only one laughing! This situation must be brought under control as soon as possible.

Bold Bernard: this one doesn’t even bother to hide most of the time!! He is quite happy to munch his way through Chocolate Moments in broad daylight, only keeping perfectly still when customers enter the shop.

Untidy Tim: as the name suggests, he causes chaos all day and night. His favourite haunt is Tyler’s Patch and he regularly unravels all the materials and spills buttons all over the floor. Please locate and report him to the shop owner as fast as you can.

Kick-up Kevin: be careful with this one! He has been spotted in action regularly in the Peacock Pottery Barn and you will usually hear him before you see him. He crashes and bashes his way through the day, giggling as he goes. It’s true that he never actually causes any REAL damage but, let’s be honest, would YOU want to pick up all the paintbrushes 47 times a day?

Cheeky Charlie: well, there just HAD to be one! OK, he’s cute. But he’s also giving the TipTree Tearoom staff a headache! He regularly switches the salt with the sugar and plops cookies into the coffee pot. It simply can’t be allowed to continue! There’s a place for elves and he needs putting in it!

So that is a list of the main characters we are after but, as there is an elf in every shop, we simply don’t have time to deal with this ourselves. Please keep count of the number of elves and remember all their names, once completed report to ‘Just For You, By Sue’ for a hard-earned reward! Your help is greatly appreciated.