International Bow Day August 19th

Come and celebrate International Bow Day at Barleylands!  We don’t mind if you tie them under your chin, clip them on your head or paint them on your face….any child arriving at the farm with bows on display will receive a free bag of animal feed. Adults sporting bows will not qualify for a prize but you are guaranteed to receive admiring glances from others.

As you can imagine, our animals got VERY excited when they heard the news as they just love an opportunity to dress up. However, we think it’s only fair to warn you that some of our four legged friends (particularly the goats) might use it as an excuse to nibble each other throughout the day. Final performances, complete with bow ties, cannot be guaranteed.

The bow tie originated in Croatia (they’re not just good at foo  tball, you know) in the17th century, when Croatian soldiers tied scarves around their necks. The French (who ought, surely, to have been focussing on the battle rather than the fashion) were very impressed by these ‘hrvats’ and quickly copied the idea to create French ‘cravats’.

Until the 18th century, bows were for men only, but women soon caught on and started attaching them in as many ways and places as they could think of. And why not? A colourful bow, strategically placed, will make any outfit stand out from the crowd.

Nowadays, bow ties are worn across a variety of both fun and formal settings, from business meetings to weddings to casual wear. And bows are used to add the finishing touch to cards, plant pots, bouquets, chocolates and gifts. The attached bow states quite clearly that there is something very special inside…

Here at Barleylands, we consider each and every animal to be special. And we feel just the same about each and every visitor! So let’s create a big, colourful splash in our own small corner of the world on International Bow Day 2022.

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