Lambing Season Has Started at Barleylands

It is a very exciting time at the farm, as it is lambing season, which means that every day little lambs are arriving. Even though the Farm Park is closed currently, we have a small team looking after the expectant ewes and caring for the newborn lambs. It has been a very busy few days and we have already had eight lambs join our flock, with twelve ewes due any day now.


Watch The Lambs Arrive

Our Farm Park team have been sharing photos and videos every day from the Lambing Barn on our Facebook page. Click on the videos below to see a montage from each ewe’s birth so far on our Youtube channel.

Join In With The Fun!

You can still follow the lambing action LIVE on Barleylands Farm Park’s Facebook page, but with only twelve ewes left to deliver, the team are expecting to have finished lambing in the next few days. Once lambing is over however, we do have some very special rare-breed nanny Bagot goats due to give birth at the start of March and will be sure to fill you in on all the action.