Let’s Get Crazy – adventure golf now open!


Yes, folks, it’s ready to go! In recent weeks, visitors to Barleylands have been patiently watching the development of a brand new Crazy Golf Venue. Now the wait is over as this £1 million tourist attraction is OPEN! Barleylands were delighted when the Noah’s Park developers chose to build their venue here, and the best news of all is that members of Barleylands are being offered 20% off the cost of a round on weekdays up until 31st August 2022, all you need to do is present your membership card. Please note this is a walk in offer and cannot be pre booked.

Noah’s Park Adventure Golf is an 18-hole course designed to take crazy golf to a whole new level of family entertainment. The course theme is the Bible story of Noah’s Ark and, although Noah himself is not guaranteed to put in an appearance, the Ark and the animals all have a place on the circuit.

In choosing this location, the developers of the Park felt that it complemented the activities already taking place at Barleylands. It sits perfectly between the Farm Park, the camp-sites and the Equestrian Centre and is easily accessible to both regular and first-time adventure seekers.  

It has been a mammoth construction process (although you won’t see a mammoth on the course) and the completed Park contains trees, water features, bridges and tunnels. Each person is allowed a maximum of six shots per hole, but don’t be put off by the challenge! These courses are designed to suit everyone and each group can go at a pace that suits them, talking to the animals en route. It can be as fun, or as challenging, as you want it to be.

So, when you come for a family day out at Barleylands, be sure to allow extra time for this exciting new family attraction. The course takes approximately one hour to complete and full details on how to book can be found here . Please note that the Golf Course is run by a separate company and they can be contacted at [email protected].