Meet our 2022 Lambs so far…

Take a look at the lambs we’ve had born at Barleylands so far this year!



Ant, born on the 12th February at 9:44pm to Hampshire Down mum, Cynthia.

Cynthia wasn’t sure about being a mum initially but despite this has taken to motherhood really well, and is very protective of little Ant.

Now that they’ve moved in to the big pen with the rest of the ewes and lambs Ant has become firm friends with Emu, and together they bounce about causing all sorts of mischief!






Bee & Cricket, born on the 13th February at 10:06am and 1:10pm to Hampshire Down mum, Julienne.

Julienne took to being a mum instantly cleaning and feeding little Bee, Cricket took us rather by surprise by waiting another 3 hours before making his entrance to the world, but has been equally loved by mum and you can often find them curled up in a cuddle together.







Dodo, born on the 14th February at 8:23pm to Wiltshire Horn mum, Winnie.

Winnie is an experienced mum, with this year being her 5th time lambing, and so took to Dodo and motherhood very quickly once again

Dodo is a very confident little lamb, and definitely knows just how cute he is posing for the camera!






Emu, born on the 14th February at 10:21pm to Hampshire Down mum, Bernadette.

Bernadette was another of our first time mums, she took well to the role, really making sure Emu was well cleaned up, however did have a tendency to forget to feed! With a gentle nudge every now and then she quickly picked things up and the two of them have been doing well.

Now in the main pen Emu causes all sorts of trouble with his new best friend Ant!






Finch & Gecko, born on the 15th February 5:07am and 5:23am to Wiltshire Horn mum, Wanda.

Our second set of twins were born to another of our more experienced Wiltshire Horn mums.

Wherever one is, the other is never far behind, and you can often find this pair curled up together on a pile of straw or hay.





Honeybee, born on the 17th February at 10:35pm to Hampshire Down mum, Mildred.

Another first time Hampshire Down mum, Mildred is a very alert and protective mother, but these are all good signs within sheep, and a natural instinct.

Honeybee was named by a lovely customer who came to visit us during half-term and has been watching the livestream constantly since. Chloe has Sturge-Weber Syndrome which has meant the right side of her body is paralysed. However, Chloe loves sheep! She has since been in for a VIP Experience in which she met little Honeybee in person, and bottle-fed some of our orphan lambs!






Iggy (Iguana), born on the 19th February at 7:40pm to Wiltshire Horn mum, Whitney.

Whitney again took very well to motherhood for her 5th time, and has taken a caring but laid-back approach to life with a lamb.

Little Iggy has the most unique markings of our lambs this year, with his black speckled nose looking very similar to that of our lovely lamb Apricot from last year!






We still have 4 ewes left to give birth so tune in to our livestream on YouTube to watch along with us for the next lamb!