Meet Our New Arrivals – Teddy and Bella

Small Horses with big Hearts !


We are thrilled to welcome two new friends to Barleylands Farm Park! Meet Bella and Teddy, mother and son miniature horses, who arrived on 29th July 2022 and are settling in beautifully. They are Shetlands crossed with Falabella. They are also bomb proof which means that they are not easily spooked by loud or sudden noises. Although they have never been ridden, they have had a long and busy life in various settings, entertaining visitors and standing patiently to be groomed and fussed over. Now that they are settled in at Barleylands, they will continue to enjoy a pampered lifestyle and no doubt, they will still want plenty of grooming and love! Bella is 17 years old and her son, Teddy, is 12.

Bella and Teddy have been crossbred from two of the loveliest breeds around. Shetland ponies originated in the Shetland Islands which are located northeast of mainland Scotland. Weather can be brutal all the way up there so a dense, double winter coat is essential. In summer the molt and have a shorter coat but the long, thick mane and tail are ideal for swatting pesky midges. Small horses have roamed these islands since the Bronze Age so Bella and Teddy can take great pride in that side of the family!

The other side of their family is a more exotic one. The Falabella horse was originally bred in Argentina, all the way back in 1868. The herd and breeding methods were passed down through the generations until Juan Falabella gave us the beautiful little horses which are today known all over the world. These little creatures have been sought after, and owned by, kings, sultans, sheikhs, presidents and celebrities. Sadly, by 2007, they had become an endangered species and it was only special breeds farming which boosted their numbers and lifted them into the ‘at risk’ category in 2020.

Falabellas, though smaller, are proportioned similarly to other horses with one important exception; their heart is rather big in comparison with their body. So, when you visit Bella and Teddy, be sure to look deep into their eyes and listen carefully for their heart beat. These little horses have a whole lot of love to share! Join us on Friday 5th August when we will be going LIVE on Facebook to meet the pair up close. The team will be there to answer any questions you have about the pair and show you just how small they are.

Teddy and Bella will join the other equines we have on site; Bobby the donkey, Freddie the Welsh Pony, and our two miniature donkeys Tiny Tim and Jenny. If you want to get up close to any of our ponies or donkeys you can do so as part of our VIP packages. Find out more information here