Meet Our Trio of Lovely Ladies


Never mind The Three Degrees! Here at Barleylands, we have our very own, newly-arrived trio of lovely ladies… They are all one-year-olds and, we think you’ll agree, a real bevy of beauties. Have a look at the three girls over on our TIKTOK page! 

Let’s begin with Kora who, after all, IS a pedigree. And doesn’t she just know it. She is a Zwartble ewe whose breed originated in the Netherlands where they were farmed mainly for their milk production.


Zwartble ladies tend to be on the hefty side but they are known for their sweet natures and excellent mothering skills. The breed arrived in the UK in the 1990s and quickly formed their own Zwartble Sheep Association (as you do). Nowadays, they can be found all over the place and love nothing better than having a good trim-up and performing in various County Shows.



The next lovely lady is Bambi (confused?…stick with us), who is a ¾ Swiss Valais. She has the famous black face, she has the perfect bombshell hair-do and she DEFINITELY has the moves! Her ancestorsare documented in Switzerland as far back as the fifteenth century so this horned lady comes from very good stock.


And finally, we introduce the delectable Tamzi, a one year old cross-breed with a twinkle in her eye. She might not have the pedigree claim or the ‘curls-to-die-for’ but we’re sure you will agree that she is quite a looker in her own right! Just like the other two, we feel confident that Tamzi will make a wonderful Mum when the time comes. Come on down to Barleylands and meet these wooly wonders in person. Book your tickets here.