NEW Nocturnal and Exotic House!

We are very pleased to announce that phase one of our new Nocturnal and Exotic House is now open in the Farm Park!

The first of our new animals have arrived and are settling in very well. Located inside the Discovery Barn are two floors of fascinating creatures that you can’t see at any near by zoos.  Downstairs is the Nocturnal area where you will find fruit bats, sugar guilders, skunk, tenrec, jerboa, large eared hedgehog and more! This is the perfect place to listen to all the sounds the fruit bats make and watch the animals enjoy their new habitats.

Upstairs has had a Rainforest make over and is home to a fascinating variety of snakes, frogs, tortoises, lizards and insects. We also have some more lesser known animals for you to discover like a blue tonged skink, tiger salamanders and even a Caribbean land hermit crab!

Make sure watch our social media pages to see what new animals will be arriving next!

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