Our Baby Kit Skunks have gone viral!!!

Last week we shared that our lovely mummy Primrose had given birth to lots of little Kit babies. We shared our video on TikTok and it’s gone VIRAL!!

We have had nearly 60 thousand views and over 8 thousand likes 🙂

See how our kit babies are doing in our updated video here.

Some facts about our Kits:

  • There are 7 babies, 4 girls and 3 boys
  • They are black and white, brown and white and albino
  • Mother Primrose is black and white, the Father is brown and white which is why the babies are mixed colours. Their Grandmother is albino (cool fact: this skips a generation in skunks)
  • They will be weaned at 4 weeks old.

Would you like to meet our skunks this half term? Book here for meet and greets with them. Looking to extend your day out, book tickets to the Farm Park to enjoy before or after your experience.