Our piglets are now three weeks old!

Our piglets are three weeks old already! On 16th July Bella gave birth to nine piglets and Bertha gave birth to seven just a few days later on the 19th July. Both litters of Piglets can be seen in the animal barn. You can buy your Barleylands entry tickets here

Both Bella and Bertha are Rare Breed Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs. The Oxford Sandy and Black (OSB) is a rare traditional breed of pig that was almost extinct twenty years ago! The breed is known for its excellent calm temperament and great mothering ability. Who can resist their beautiful sandy color with random black blotches and their lop ears?

Bella and Bertha both arrived at Barleylands Farm Park in March 2021 to help increase the number of rare breeds on site. In Autumn 2021, they met their first husband, Hugo and they gave birth to their first litter of piglets in January 2022. Did you know that pigs are pregnant for three months, three weeks and three days? The girls then met their new husband Dante in March and he is the father of the current piglets. Barleylands Farm Park do not own a boar (a male pig) and instead choose to hire one in. By hiring a boar, we are able to increase the genetic diversity of the breed thus helping to conserve the breed.

The piglets will stay with their mothers until they are eight weeks old. We will then wean them and sell them to new homes at other Farm Parks or to private collectors.

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