Re-Usable Bucket System Starts Next Week!

Here at Barleylands we are very passionate about sustainability. The Farm Park was born from nature, so we are always looking for ways to protect and enhance our environment.

For many years we have encouraged recycling, minimising water waste and energy consumption and going paperless. As well as that we source sustainable produce for our Farm Park shop. Our latest re-usable system in the Farm Park will be starting this November on the 12th.

We will be unveiling our new “bring your own container or bucket with you” system. Up until now we have had the option for paper bags filled with animal feed, but to continue with our sustainability journey we have decided to go to a re-usable paperless option!

We will be doing a Large animal feed with a free bucket at £2 each, a medium animal feed at £1 each (the normal bags we do) and if you bring your own container or bring your own bucket with you, you will get a scoop of animal feed for a discounted price of 75p! Not only are you making the animals very happy by giving them a treat, you are also helping us to reduce our carbon footprint!