It’s National Chicken Month!


September is National Chicken month! For most people this involves highlighting chicken recipes and eating even more KFC than usual but, here on the Farm Park, we consider our chickens to be dear friends. We wouldn’t dream of eating them and we certainly wouldn’t discuss chicken wings or nuggets within their hearing.

Our chicken breeds are all very different, both in looks and temperament, so we thought it might be fun to imagine which Social App each breed would be most drawn to.

Facebook Addicts

Our Jersey Giant chickens are sweet and versatile birds who get on well with people and other chickens. We could see them posting regular updates on Facebook. They are happy to stay in but also enjoy wandering the Park and foraging.

Jersey Giants enjoy snuggles and come in a variety of beautiful forms, black being the most common. Their feathers have a stunning green sheen which glimmers in the sunlight.

Twitter Tweeters

Our Cream Legbar chickens are a hardy, active bunch. They are not a ‘broody’ type of chicken so they don’t have the patience to sit on their eggs all day and see them through to successful hatching.  Being slender and elegant, they seem to prefer moving around and ‘strutting their stuff’ all day. Their blue eggs, however, are in great demand so their coop has to be checked regularly. After all, SOMEBODY has to keep those eggs warm! They do seem to enjoy life in the fast lane and their social app usage would undoubtedly be frenzied.


TikTok Tip-toers

Our long-legged Modern Game chickens are a hardy breed and very active, hence the choice of TikTok.  Always on the go, they can be seen wandering all over the place but, luckily, chickens have eyes which work independently of each other. So, while one eye is focussed on finding food, the other is keeping a constant look out for predators! The females do get broody and make good, protective mothers but they are not prolific egg layers. Probably too busy thinking of their next TikTok video….

Instagram Beauties

Our beautiful are poultry’s version of ’stunning celebrities’. They’re incredibly good looking (as chickens go) and they seem to be very aware of it. We feel sure that these glamourous creatures would have a following of millions on Instagram. They are good layers and their round ‘fluffiness’ helps to keep them warm all through the winter months. Wyandottes were named after the Wyandot native Indian tribe who befriended and helped early settlers in America and Canada.

So there you have it- a round up of our chicken breeds and their social preferences. Keep an eye on our yearly events calendar for chicken talks, spring hatchery and chick handling dates. But more importantly, book some tickets here and come and meet these gorgeous birds on the Farm Park. You never know, it could do wonders for your networking…