Spotlight on Donkeys

Is it their soft snouts, their gentle faces or the cross on their backs… Just what is it that makes our hearts soften when we see a donkey? Regular visitors to Barleylands Farm Park will be familiar with our beautiful Miniature Mediterranean donkeys, Tiny Tim and Jenny, who love nothing more than time spent together and a good game of football. You’ll also have met Bobbie, who doesn’t mind where he is so long as he is with his best friend, Freddie the Welsh pony. Donkeys are very social animals and they form strong emotional attachments.

We are probably drawn to these lovely animals because we know how hard-working they are. Sadly, their efforts are not always rewarded with kindness and good care but they stoically carry on with their heavy loads and long hours, working quietly in the background, ‘doing the donkey work’. So it always seems uplifting that the donkey plays a starring role in the annual Christmas nativities which we all enjoy so much. The children taking part have absolutely no doubt at all of how important the donkey is. Without him, how on earth would Mary ever have reached Bethlehem in one piece? It could all have gone disastrously wrong. But the donkey saved the day, plodding onwards with his Precious Load, through dusty days and cold nights, until his job was done.

Once a year, this humble little animal gets to stand in the spotlight, representing donkeys throughout the world who know only too well what hard work is. Our own donkeys would love to see you during your Christmas holiday. Book your tickets here