Take advantage of our ‘Egg to Chick’ Hatching Programme and see new life emerge before your eyes!

Schools and groups can now take advantage of Barleylands’ chick hatching programme, a practical experience that brings the miracle of life into the classroom.

The chick hatching programme, first introduced last year, enables youngsters to see new life emerge before their eyes – showing a life cycle from incubation, hatching and growth.

Explained Karen Watson, Education Officer:  “This is a unique opportunity for your class or group and a truly memorable experience for children.  We supply and deliver everything you need.

“When schools sign up to take part, a member of our Education Team will visit the school to set up the incubator with seven eggs due to  hatch in approximately 21 days. We will run through everything you need to know and leave you with an  incubation calendar and embryo development chart, and a pen for your hatched chicks”

Karen added: “After a week of caring for the new arrivals, we will return to pick up the chicks along with all the equipment.  If you decide to keep the chicks, we can advise on how to care for the animals until they are ready to go outside.”

Barleylands supplies all the equipment required, including:

  • Eggs
  • Incubator, with excellent visibility, allowing viewers to witness the whole hatching process – simply plug in and it does all the work
  • Brooder enclosure with heater to raise the chicks
  • Feeder, drinker and food
  • Instructions
  • Light
  • Incubation calendar and embryo development chart.

The educational links for Key Stage 1 pupils are:

  • Life cycles
  • Animals including humans (how animals have offspring that grow into adults)
  • Living things and their habitats (food chains – habitats – comparisons).

The educational links for Key Stage 2 pupils are:

  • Working scientifically to observe, take accurate measurements and record data
  • Animals including humans
  • All living things
  • Evolution and inheritance.

The Hatching Programme costs £250 or £200 if you are also booking a visit to the Farm.  To book, please contact Karen on 01268 290232 .

The award-winning Barleylands’ Education Team also bring the curriculum to life through guided and unguided school visits and various themed days.  The team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to teaching children about food, farming and the countryside and has recently been nominated for a national ‘Best in Education’ award.