The perfect gift for Mother’s Day

This year we’re celebrating Mother’s Day with one of the most prominent mothers at the centre: Mara, our alpha female meerkat. After being kicked out of her previous mob, Mara came to call our centre home, where she and Little J, our alpha male, have been building their own little family over the last few years.
Why not join the celebration with excellent pair and group savings on our ‘meerkat meet and greet’? This experience will make the perfect gift for that special animal lover who has taken on the role of ‘Mother’ for you!
We have two new members of our mob! These babies are not quite ready to leave their ’burrow’, but a quick health check by our team shows they’re happy and healthy, and will be ready to join the rest of their family outside in the next few weeks! You will be able to meet them too!
Vouchers can be purchased here
Extend the celebration with a full day out by booking tickets to our Farm Park