This Is Not Just Shopping…..

There are days when we need to ‘get the shopping in’ and there are days when we need to ‘shop’. Sometimes, we just need a little more; something truly special. For many of us, it’s a therapeutic process; we wander, we browse, we purchase and we don’t mind how long it takes.

The Village at Barleylands is a tranquil shopping experience. Time seems to move more slowly here. There are no queues, no-one is ever in a rush and you are guaranteed a personal service everywhere you go.

Most of us understand that the biggest block to fully enjoying our day out comes in the form of ‘the reluctant shopper’. How often have we desired the equivalent of a ‘luggage holding’ area to deposit one or two of our loved ones for later collection? Our shopping delight is not enhanced when we are being trailed by small, whinging noises from little forms or huffing and puffing from larger ones. The Village has been set up to lessen your stress!

Shop ‘units’ are small and there are plenty of them. A high number are designed specifically with little ones in mind and you can wander in and out of them at will. Outdoors, they have space to roam safely as they explore the Wishing Well and all the hidden corners. As for the huffers and puffers; they will be soothed by the enormous (and completely FREE) car park, putting them in a good frame of mind before you even begin! (It’s all about tactics…)

Serious shoppers understand that the secret to a successful day is to take your time and refuel regularly. By sticking to a carefully controlled pace, you are guaranteed to return home feeling triumphant, while still being on speaking terms with your nearest and dearest. Hence, the inclusion of a tempting tearoom to help you keep things on track.

Our shopping habits have changed greatly in recent years. Nowadays, we are looking for convenience, home delivery and availability. Our time is short and our daily routines are tightly packed. A wander through The Village is an opportunity to stretch and wind down, to remember what it USED to be like.

To get the very best from The Village, an online browse is recommended. On our website you can explore each and every business here and the more adventurous among you will be delighted to discover how many of them offer workshops and classes on a regular basis.

For those of you with a very special occasion to organise, The Village is home to a wide range of bespoke services, enabling you to tick off everything on your list in one convenient location. Business owners in The Village pride themselves on offering a special, and very personal, service. From toddlers to grandparents, to four-legged friends, everyone is treated with care.

The Village is an ideal choice for those of you with extended family, or those organising coach trips. Not only will you ensure that your entire party is entertained (and refreshed) but you can also relax in the knowledge that your more discerning and socially conscious shoppers will be impressed. The Village is a place where fair working conditions and sustainability take priority. Many outlets make their products on site, in an environmentally friendly way, using degradeable packaging wherever possible.

This is not just shopping….this is The Village shopping!

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