Wallaby Walk

Have you visited our brand new Wallaby enclosure?

Wallaby Walk opened 11th March, home to both wallabies and tortoises! Welcome to our Parma Wallaby & Bennett’s Wallaby.

You may be wondering why we have different species of wallaby in the same enclosure, or even giant tortoises with wallabies. This area of the farm is essentially its own ecosystem. An ecosystem is a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. That includes the animals you see; the grass they eat; the wild birds and insects that make their way into this space and to some extent us humans. The animals within this enclosure have been selected to live with each other as they are all herbivorous grass and vegetation eaters. This obviously means they will not try and eat each other, but they also share similarities. Whether it is a tortoise or a wallaby, they will provide services to their ecosystems such as controlling weed levels; distributing plant seeds to other areas and even making homes for other animals and plants as they move around and change their environment. Having a mixed species enclosure, as well as having a walkway also provides enrichment for our animals: different sights, sounds and smells can all be experienced as the animals interact with one another.

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