Animal Encounters Available Now!

At Imperial Exotics within Barleylands we have a wide range of animal encounter experience days available. Whatever your level of knowledge, ability, or fascination for animals there is something for everyone. Choices include…

Junior Keeper for the day – the most popular experience that we offer! Get behind the scenes of the nocturnal house, reptile house and bird of prey centre.  Spend the day with a Zookeeper where you will be given the chance to feed a few different species of animals, help with husbandry and make enrichment for the animals to play with.

Feed the serval – come and meet ‘Hunter’ our 2-year-old Serval, an African species of wild cat. You will have the opportunity to feed him in a one-to-one experience with our exotic animal handlers while they discuss with you their behaviour, habitat, and diet.

Meerkat meet and greet – You’ll be invited to step into our new meerkat enclosure where you can say hello and learn all about them. You will also be given the opportunity to hand feed them and potentially hold them.


Owl Experience – starting with a guided tour of all our owls you will then be able to meet and greet some of the cutest birds from the bird of prey world. From some of the smallest to the very largest, you will have the chance to handle and fly a variety of owls and learn about the environment and the conservation projects helping to protect them in the wild. There will be several photographic opportunities for you to capture your memories!

Hawk Walk – you will spend an hour with a range of hawks from Harris hawks, goshawks and sparrowhawks! Handling a couple first and then getting the chance to fly them around the land surrounding the bird of prey centre!

The Ultimate Experience – here we combine birds of prey with the exotics! Get up close and personal with a range of different birds of prey with a custom made 1 hour and 30 minutes where you can pick and choose your birds and then you get to meet some amazing animals including snakes, lizards, arachnids, amphibians and mammals!

There is also an opportunity to meet and greet skunks  and  sugar gliders in the nocturnal experience or frogs and snakes in the cold blooded experience. You can see all of the experience days here.

Within the Farm Park we also have Farm VIP experiences available when you can get up close to the sheep, goats, cows, chickens, or pigs!

Whatever animal you like best we are sure to have an animal experience available to put a smile on your face.