Baby Boy Racers Born!

Boy Racers Born at Barleylands!

Barleylands Farm Park heard the pitter patter of tiny hooves this week as against the odds they welcomed the safe arrival of gorgeous Boer Goat triplets.

The tiny trio of kid goats were safely delivered on Monday 8th February with a huge helping hand from Farm Park Manager Dave Finkle and his farming staff.

The births were unusually challenging with lots of complications. The staff soon realised the first kid goat was coming out backwards and had got tangled up with the second baby, which itself was upside down, so lots of assistance was required.

Said Dave Finkle “I’ve delivered more than 15,000 farm animals over 26 years and I’ve never been involved in such a complicated birth! I’m delighted the three boys and Mum are all safe and well and I’m looking forward introducing them to our visitors. These kid goats will be the Hilly Billy Goat Racers of the summer so they are our little boy racers!”

The Farm Park have also welcome a flock of expectant Kerry Hill ewes who will be lambing over the half term so visitors will have plenty of animal babies to meet and may even see some lambing live, as well joining in all the Mad Science Week fun.