Chinese Year of the Rabbit

For those among you who look back on 2022 as some sort of roller-coaster ride without seat restraints, take heart! According to the Chinese calendar, the Year of the turbulent Tiger ends on Jan 21st 2023. We then move into the Year of the Rabbit. As the Rabbit symbolises peace and prosperity, 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope. Well, that sounds like a little bit of light relief, doesn’t it? And it gets better: the Year of the Rabbit is forecast to bring opportunities for contemplation, rest and nurturing of body and soul. Now, let’s be honest, we could ALL do with some of that. Expect to feel a ‘wave of calm’ on Jan 22nd.

Of all the Chinese zodiac signs, the Rabbit is the one who most enjoys a cuddle. So this year we might all expect to strengthen bonds with loved ones. For those of you who welcome a child during the Year of the Rabbit, you can expect them to be gentle, elegant and alert as well as skilful, patient and responsible!

At the Farm Park, our rabbits are naturally excited about the coming year and are fully prepared to make the most of all the extra attention. Rabbits have always been popular at Barleylands. It’s easy to see why; they are soft, cute and fluffy and they just love receiving visitors! We have a beautiful array of bunnies including Lionheads, Albino, Harlequins and Dutch. They enjoy time spent in the cosy Animal Barn and they also have opportunities to nibble at the fresh grass in their outdoor runs.

Our timetable will alert you to daily ‘meet, pet and feed’ rabbit sessions so please do come and see them regularly. After all, they will be the stars of the show in 2023!

Book your tickets here. And don’t forget we are half price throughout January!