Say Hello To Our Newest Sheep, Dashing Dusky!

We are very excited to be welcoming a new member to the family here at Barleylands farm park.


Say hello to Dashing Dusky!

Dusky is a Wiltshire Horn sheep who will be joining us on Wednesday. Wiltshire Horn are a rare breed of domestic sheep originally from Wiltshire. These sheep are different to the others in a unique way. They are known for their easy care as they molt naturally – so that means no shearing is needed… which also means he has no chance of receiving an unfashionable haircut (which I’m sure he’s glad about). In spring he will simply shed his coat with no fuss!

We are very excited that Dusky is joining us as he is going to be a first-time daddy! With his luscious self trimmed locks, impressive horns and dazzling eyes – he’s sure to be a favourite with the Wiltshire ewes. The breeding season begins in September, when Dusky will be busy at work. Our ewes will then be pregnant for 5 months, ready for the lambing season next February.

We think that Dusky is pretty dashing, but why not come and take a look for yourself! You can book tickets to Barleylands Farm Park by clicking here  or find out more about our animals by clicking here!